Welcome to Helen Aitchison Writes, a forum where I will share my writing journey and updates on my published work and upcoming novel, The Dinner Club.

I hope my writing engages, connects and resonates with you. That you feel inspiration as a reader and even as a writer yourself.
I always welcome feedback, so please do comment on my posts and discussion board page.

Latest from the Blog

The Dinner Club

My debut novel is due for release next March! In the run up, my brilliant publisher will be sharing updates, snippets, pre-order information and information on the launch. It would be wonderful if anyone interested could sign up to alerts via the link below. Thanks loads ❤️ https://bit.ly/tdchelen

Soaps Don’t Lather

My short story When Soaps Don’t Lather features in this wonderful anthology due for release July 5th. So excited to read all the stories!

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