The Dinner Club Blurb

Can good food and company solve all our problems?

Derek’s life has changed suddenly. Shedding the weight of his wife, he is looking for a new purpose where he can truly be himself. After years of feeling oppressed and expressionless, he embarks on a new adventure, with a focus on food, new networks and letting his character out. His hunger motivates him to meet people who change his and each other’s lives, as he strives for acceptance and happiness.

Eddie is grieving, a widower, struggling as a single parent. He has lost the woman who made his heart whole. The void in his life destroying him, he has a vision that could not only heal him, but allow him to be the Father he needs to be. Eddie takes a leap of faith, desperate to find the ingredients to help him recover.

Florence craves one last adventure to share her life lessons and recipes. She has much to teach and desires pleasure from life’s simple things. Supported by her loyal carer Jessie, maybe something magical can be cooked up from a new group of people connecting.

Violet needs focus, a new identity until she has confidence to escape her grim reality. With happiness in small portions, and a frequent serving of violence from her abusive husband, Ben, Violet needs to feed off the strength of others until she can flee her own personal hell.

Cara is lost, with nowhere to call home and no one to go home too. A young care leaver who has had rejection served on her plate more times than most. With a chip on her shoulder but great hunger to achieve, Cara just needs to be given the opportunity.

Five people. Five sets of issues. Each needing healing, support and acceptance. Gravitated together over a desire for food, company and personal goals.

The Dinner Club highlights dilemmas we can all face. The kindness of humanity, gratitude, and hope that we can all conquer our demons through laughter, compassion, friendship, and of course, a delicious meal.

Bon Appetite!

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